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Happy Book Reviews is a service of the Author Marketing Club. AMC has compiled a list of experienced and attentive readers who receive our daily email looking for new free ebooks to read.

  • Submit your ebook, upload your files (epub, mobi, pdf) and we’ll send it to our list
  • We have partnered with Bookfunnel so your ebook will have its own custom landing page with cover, title and description as well as a safe and easy way to deliver your ebook to the reviewer
  • No more than ten ebooks will be featured every day (first-come, first-serve)
  • Your ebook will show the cover, genre, title, description you enter
  • Your ebook will be included in an email within 3-5 days
  • Your ebook will be available for download by 25 readers and the landing page will expire in 30 days
  • We will send a follow up email to each reviewer reminding them to leave a review
  • More questions? Read our FAQ below
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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are You Buying Reviews For My Book?

Answer: Absolutely not. We reach out to reviewers who have already reviewed similar books in your genre. Those reviewers choose to download a free copy of your book, and also choose to leave an honest review, or not.

Question: Am I Guaranteed A Certain Number Of Reviews?

Answer: We do not guarantee review counts. Reviewers choose to review a book, or not. We do guarantee we’ll get your book in front of the right people who want to read it, but we do not guarantee review counts.

Question: Am I Guaranteed Positive Reviews?

Answer: Here’s the thing. Reviewers are choosing to review your book in exchange for a free copy. They may decide to not leave a review, and they may even decide to leave a not so positive review. If you have a great book that readers will love you should see more positives.

Question: Where Do You Get Your Reviewers From?

Answer: Happy Book Reviews is a service of the Author Marketing Club. AMC is an author tools and training site that has over 30,000 members and serves authors in over 105 countries. For almost seven-years, AMC has been creating tools and training that help new and established authors get more reviews, sell more books and learn how to navigate the world of book selling. We have compiled a list of experienced and attentive reviewers in pretty much every major book genre. These are reviewers who have already positively reviewed books and are expressly open to wanting to review more. We also have a large, engaged mailing list of readers who crave free ebooks.

Question: Is This All Legal And Is Amazon Cool With It?

Answer: Happy Book Reviews is 100% legal and does not violate any Amazon or other distributor’s rules and policies. All we are doing is reaching out to people who want to review books. Those people choose to review the book, or not. If and when the reviewer decides to post a review, they must conform to the terms on the site they are leaving a review on.

Question: How Do Reviewers Get My Book?

Answer: We have partnered with Bookfunnel so your book will have its own custom landing page with cover, title and description as well as an easy and automated way to deliver your book to the reviewer on the device of their choice.

Question: Why Do You Limit My Book To 25 Copies Download Only For The Awesomely Happy Option?

Answer: We only want people who REALLY want your book to download it. So we limit the downloads to those that are serious about reading and reviewing. Happy Book Reviews is not a promotion site like Bookbub. This is about getting real readers who want your book to review it. Not selling copies of your book.

Question: What If I Don’t Get Any Reviews, Or Just A Few?

Answer: We promise to get your book in front of the readers and reviewers who like your book genre. If those reader choose to not review your book, or review it negatively, there is nothing we can do about that. Fear not, you’ll be getting your book to the right people, who like your book genre, and chances are those people will want to leave a review and make your book happy! We will for sure remind them and ask them pretty please to leave a review.

Question: Is There A Refund Policy?

Answer: Happy Book Reviews does not offer a refund policy. We are providing a service of putting your book in front of readers/reviewers. We will perform our service for you as promised, but we cannot control if a reader leaves a review. Obviously, if there is some kind of technical issue we would fix the problem for you.

Question: Where Will They Leave A Review Of My Book?

Answer: That’s up to the reviewer. We will ask them to review the book in exchange for a free copy and if they decide to review the book they may review it anywhere like Amazon, BN, Kobo, Apple, etc…

Question: When Will My Book Be Emailed To Reviewers?

Answer: For the Awesomely Happy Option, your book will be sent to our daily email list of readers within 3-5 days of ordering, if not the next day. It just depends on how many books are submitted before you. Rest assured, your book will be included during the mentioned time period. For the Supremely Happy Option, we’ll first find the best reviewers specific to your book genre, then over a 3-4 week period we’ll individually contact those reviewers one-by-one.

Question: How Will I Know If A Reviewer Came From Your Service?

Answer: We will ask the reviewer to tell us when, and where they left a review. However, it is not required by them. So unless they tell us, we won’t know if it came from our work or not.

Question: What If I Get A Negative Review?

Answer: Best advice? Read it, and move on. Negative reviews happen sometimes, not often, but sometimes. Most people who review books don’t leave negative reviews.

Question: Will You Provide Me With A List Of Reviewers You Contacted On My Behalf?

Answer: For the Supremely Happy Option, yes. After we are done contacting each reviewer, we will give you a list of who was contacted.